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Report: Remnants of coalition forbidden weapons is a nightmare threatens civilian lives in Yemen

SANAA, Jun.07 (YPA) – The mines, cluster bombs, and the remnants of the prohibited weapons that the US-Saudi aggression dropped on Yemen continue to cause the death and injury of civilians, in various Yemeni villages and cities.

Where UN reports and international humanitarian organizations considered that Yemen is the most country that civilian casualties are recorded as a result of cluster bombs and remnants of war.”

The US-Saudi aggression is turning Yemen into a minefield and the remnants of cluster bombs.

Last April, the Executive Center for Mine Action announced that more than 3 million cluster munitions have been collected in 7 years in 15 governorates and 70 districts in the country.

The head of the Executive Center for Mine Action, Brigadier Ali Safra, stated that Yemenis are facing a catastrophe and a trio of cluster bombs of various types, and we have detected 15 types of them used in air raids only.

This came during an event on the occasion of the International Day for Awareness of the Risks of Mine and Cluster Bombs, which was held by the National Committee and the Executive Center for Mine Action.

Safra added that the size and scope of the pollution spread makes Yemen second after the Republic of Laos, despite the big difference if the weapons used in Yemen are compared.

He explained that during the month of March, 42 casualties were recorded in the Yemeni governorates, stressing that this is a very large number, indicating that about 220 victims have been in Hodeidah governorate since the withdrawal of mercenaries from it in November last year.

Brigadier-General Safra considered that reducing the number of victims of cluster bombs in Yemen by international and human rights’ reports is an attempt to vindicate the coalition and change the facts.