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Al-Najba’a: America intervenes in the region under the pretext of threatening its national security

BAGHDAD, May 12 (YPA) – Commenting on Washington’s extension of the Iraq emergency, the Islamic resistance Al-Najba’a Iraqi Movement has described it as a continuation of the looting of Iraq’s wealth and asserted that the “threat to national security” is a pretext for the US government to intervene in the region.

The US government’s extension of the State of Emergency for Iraq once again reveals the face of the Great Satan (America), the Al-Najba’a movement said in a statement.

The statement referred to two decades of aggression and occupation of Iraqi territory by a UN mandate, and that this situation has been extended since 2003 year after year with flimsy excuses with the aim of plundering Iraq’s wealth.

“The pretext of threatening the national security of the United States to prolong the occupation is the greatest evidence of the duality of the United States,” the movement said,

“ America believes that there is a threat to its national security thousands of kilometers away and gives itself the right to act on the basis of this false justification and on the other hand , the US criminalizes resistance factions when defending faith and national security in a country near to the region, regional or international,” the statement read.

The statement emphasizes that the US regime represents the greatest danger to the international community. This fact is revealed to all day after day and we believe that the awareness of peoples raised by  understanding that this system is an obstacle to peoples aspiring to independence, progress, prosperity and security.

“We believe that the state of emergency must be declared and extended by oppressed peoples seeking to rid themselves of the arrogant American regime until it is overthrown or expelled and its tails from the region.  This is our approach and position, which we will not deviate from and will not divert,” the statement said.