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Foreign Ministry condemns assassination of Al-Jazeera reporter “Shireen Abu Aqleh”

SANAA, May 11 (YPA) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sanaa on Wednesday condemned the assassination of Al-Jazeera correspondent in Palestine, Shireen Abu Aqleh, by Israeli occupation troops in the occupied West Bank, a week after all countries celebrated the World Press Freedom Day.

In a statement issued this morning, the Ministry said that “the Zionist entity sees itself above all international laws and agreements.”

The ministry considered that the assassination of Abu Aqleh is a form of the practice of liquidation and extrajudicial killing that the Zionist entity practices on an almost daily basis against the Palestinian people.

In its statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called for the speedy referral of the file of extrajudicial killing practiced by the Zionist entity to the International Criminal Court to punish the perpetrators.

It called on the international community to interact with what is happening in the occupied territories, as is the case with its interaction with other events dealing with human rights.

The Foreign Ministry also called on the Arab and Islamic countries that have normalized relations with the Zionist entity to reconsider this suspicious relationship rejected by the peoples of those countries.