YEMEN Press Agency

Al-Sabiha tribes cut Aden-Taiz road

LHAJ, Feb. 20 (YPA) – Gunmen belonging to the Al-Sabiha tribes cut the main road linking Aden-Taiz in the Mabak area, the entrance to the Tur Al-Baha district in Lahj province.

Local sources said the move by the militants came in response to the Saudi-backed Islah armed men storming the house of one of the Al-Sabiha sheikhs in Taiz.

The sources indicated that Islah gunmen stormed the house of the tribal sheikh “Rashid Al-Hamidi”, who belongs to the Al-Hamida tribe of the Al-Sabiha tribes, fired indiscriminately and kidnapped the son of Sheikh “Rashid” and his cousin.

In June 2021, armed clashes had erupted between the Islah militants and al-Sabiha tribes in the Al-Maqatirah district of Lahj, against the background of the tribes’ demands to evacuate their areas from the military barracks.