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‘Alwiyat Al-Waad Al-Haq’ promises to bring UAE back to before 1971

SANAA, Feb. 11 (YPA) – An Iraqi resistance group known as the True Promise Brigades or “Alwiyat Al-Waad Al-Haq” has on Thursday vowed to launch major attacks on the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

“Your facilities, towers, ports, and stations are legitimate targets for us.  It will not benefit you and will not protect you those who cannot protect their forces, bases, and ships from our strikes,” the group said in a statement on its telegram channel, addressing the UAE.

“ And their punishment will not be limited to drones and long-range missiles,” according to the statement.

“Take the opportunity before we bring you back to before 1971,” the statement advised the UAE, referring to the destruction of its vital structure and its return to the life of the Badouin before the establishment of the UAE and the extraction of oil.

On January 2, The Iraqi faction had claimed the responsibility for the attack that was carried out by four drones on vital facilities in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi.

The group called on the UAE to “lift its hand and stop interfering in the Yemeni and Iraqi affairs, and withdraw its mercenaries from fighters, security and politicians.

The Iraqi group warned that “the upcoming strikes will be more severe and painful.”