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Israeli occupation army announces death of two military officers in friendly fire

OCCUPIED PALESTINE, Jan. 13 (YPA) – Two Israeli officers were killed in a friendly fire during patrolling near a training camp, an Israeli occupation army spokesman said Thursday morning.

” The two officers had just finished the drill in the firing zone of the Nabi Musa base and were patrolling around it when they identified a suspicious figure, the spokesman said in a brief statement.

They initiated the procedure to arrest a suspicious person, including shooting in the air.

They were then shot at by another ‘Israeli’ soldier who was nearby and misidentified the officers as possible infiltrators.

 According to the preliminary investigation, the soldier did not recognize the two men and opened fire.

 Israel’s Channel 12 said a preliminary investigation into the incident showed that after training in the Jordan Valley, two commando officers made a night patrolling  around their military base, suspected of having a suspicious movement and opened fire in the air.