YEMEN Press Agency

146 Russian citizens evacuated from Kazakhstan to Moscow

MOSCOW, Jan. 13 (YPA) – The Russian Defense Ministry announced that its military air transport aircraft had transported another 146 Russian citizens from Kazakhstan to Moscow, the Russian capital.

Russian citizens brought to Russia by a military transport aircraft arrived in Almaty for the New Year holidays, on tourist trips and were on a business trip, the ministry said in a statement.

The day before, 2,095 Russian and foreign citizens were delivered from the Republic of Kazakhstan to Russia by military transport aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

As a result of the aggravation of the situation and the shutdown of the Almaty International Airport, Russian tourists remained in hotels in the city. While in hotels and with relatives, they turned to the leadership of the Russian contingent of the peacekeeping forces with a request for help in transporting them to the territory of the Russian Federation.