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Al-Nubi comes back to Crater district, launches large-scale kidnapping campaign against STC militia

ADEN, Nov. 28 (YPA) – Gunmen belonging to the leader Mukhtar al-Nubi kidnapped a number of young people in Crater district, on suspicion of reporting the presence of his brother Imam al-Nubi elements, local sources said on Sunday.

The sources confirmed that the group of Mukhtar al-Nubi arrested, last Friday, young people from the area of Altawilah, affiliated with the leader Osan Al- A’anshali, the commander of the Al-Asifah militia,  which took control of  the Crater, after clashes in the neighborhoods with elements of the leader “Imam al-Nubi” last September.

According to the sources, al-Nubi’s militants took the abductees to an unknown destination.

The sources explained that the arrest came following warnings made by the police chief “Crater” to the young men about the possibility of being arrested by al-Nubi militants.

According to the sources, al-Nubi militants vowed to take control over the Crater, which predicts a renewed conflict between the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s factions.

Osan Al- A’anshali’s militia arrested nearly 400 sons of Tawiylah from the  Crater on charges of fighting with the leadership of Imam al-Nubi.

The UAE-backed militia displaced nearly 200 families in the Al-Fars neighborhood, burned their homes and displaced them to the open in reprisals for supporting Imam al-Nubi.

The clashes between the “STC’s faction in the Crater have  killed and injured more than 75 citizens.