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PM calls on ‘occupiers and invaders’ to leave Yemeni lands

SANAA, Nov. 24 (YPA) – Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtoor praised the BRICS initiative as an international trend in working to reduce the hegemony of the Western liberal system that was built on colonial culture, acquisition and domination.

This came when the Prime Minister participated in the first annual celebration of the Yemeni BRICS Day, which falls on November 23 of each year, during which the BRICS economic partnership strategy, which includes Russia, India, Brazil and China, was presented.

The Prime Minister said “Yemen, as a country and people, are closer to the BRICS countries, which are distinguished by their peaceful approach, non-colonial history and positive attitudes toward the Yemeni people.”

He pointed to the importance of the Silk Road project, which China began implementing in practice based on the Water Silk Road, which passes in the past from the shores of Yemen on the southern coast, through the ancient Yemeni lands, to the eastern shores of the Mediterranean.

He explained that Yemen’s control over the transport and trade routes of silk, incense and perfume enhanced its strength and its regional and international standing at the time.

Dr. Bin Habtoor stressed that Yemen is on the point of peace and freedom, and it will inevitably play an important role in the Silk Road revived by China, and within its framework qualitative projects are implemented by a number of countries located in its path, Pointing out that Yemen, which is located in the heart of the world, will benefit from this the project.

He expressed his thanks to the friends in Russia, China and all other speakers via the virtual path from Germany, India, France, Iraq and America who have fully and explicitly expressed solidarity with Yemen and its people as it struggles to make its decision independent and get rid of hegemony and tutelage and stand with him as he faces aggression.

The Prime Minister considered giving him the Arab Golden International Award for the year 2021 AD, is  an honor and he is proud of the award. He said “Yemen, led by the leader of the revolution, Sayyed. Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, is leading a transformational battle on various fronts and fields,  and he is making with all the free people a great victory proceeding on the path of liberating the occupied lands that will not be transformed. No one without the army and the popular committees reaching it and purifying it from the taint of the aggressors, occupiers and mercenaries .”

He advised the occupiers to quickly leave the Yemeni lands to save what was left of their honor before the ignominious and humiliating end for them, their followers and their agents.

In the event, which was attended by Ministers of Foreign Affairs Hisham Sharaf Abdullah and Culture Abdullah Al-Kabsi, Member of Parliament Dr. Ali Al-Zanm and Shura Council member Saleh Sael, Chairman of the Tribal Cohesion Council Sheikh Dhaif Allah Rassam , spoke about the ancient Yemeni history and the historical roles of Yemeni tribes through the ages, including those related to securing caravan routes in the past carrying incense and silk all the way to the shores of the Mediterranean.

Two speeches were delivered by the Dean of the College of Emergency Health Sciences and Technology, Dr. Muhammad Al-Washli, and the President of the BRICS Youth Parliament, Dr. Fouad Al-Ghaffari, who indicated that Yemen today is winning the BRICS as an ambitious international project that seeks to curb the dominance of savage liberal thought.

They affirmed that Yemen is liberated today from all forms of guidance and domination to full sovereignty.

Al-Washli and Al-Ghaffari explained that the slogan “a hand that builds, a hand that protects” has begun to be practically realized in various fields, and indicated that Yemen is arming today with the BRICS message to achieve development goals and develop society intellectually and economically.

The event included a television presentation of 11 international messages addressed to the Prime Minister on this occasion from brotherly and friendly countries, in which they praised the steadfastness of the Yemeni people and their quest to achieve the independence of their national decision and get rid of hegemony and guidance.

They stressed that Yemen’s unique location qualifies it to play a vital role within the BRICS group, as well as the Silk Road initiative considering this day is an important station in the path of benefiting from the BRICS approach and its future plans.

The event was attended by the Vice-President of the General Investment Authority, Eng. Khaled Sharaf, the Assistant Head of the Moral Guidance Department at the Ministry of Defense, Brigadier Amin Al-Borai, the Vice-President of the Yemeni-Russian Friendship Association, Major General Ali Hashem, sheikhs and social figures.

On the sidelines of the festive event, the Prime Minister inaugurated the project to automate the academic and administrative work of the College of Emergency Health Sciences and Technology, the Emergency Center and Medical Ambulance, as a new activity added to the college with two educational tracks and one that serves the community.

The Prime Minister also launched the second edition of the experimental BRICS university curriculum and announced the beginning of the work of the BRICS award in Yemen.

The Prime Minister also honored a number of national figures supporting the BRICS, including House of Representatives member Dr. Ali Muhammad Al-Zanm, Vice President of the Yemeni-Russian Energy Association, Major General Ali Hashem, and Director of the Health Office in Saada Governorate, Dr. Yahya Shayem.

He also honored a number of tribal figures, the Chairman of the Tribal Cohesion Council and his deputy, the Chairman of the Tribal Arbitration Committee, a member of the Yemen Scholars Association, Amin Ahmed Al-Borai, and tribal sheikhs.