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Yemeni media holds dialogue seminar to support Palestinian cause

SANAA, June 12 (YPA) – The Union of Islamic Radio and Television in Sana’a in cooperation with the Cultural Front to confront the aggression held a dialogue seminar on the role of the Yemeni media in supporting the Palestinian cause.

The head of the cultural front to confront aggression, Ibtisam Al-Mutawakil discussed forms of disinformation and culture and falsification of awareness by the Zionist enemy, As the central issue of the nation and respond to the misleading Zionist enemy.

The Director of the Office of the Union of Islamic Broadcasts and Television in Sanaa,  Jalal Al-Salloul, stressed on the importance of dealing with the Palestinian issue at this time when the Zionist enemy is active to falsify awareness and divert the course of the Palestinian cause.

Al-Salloul expressed the readiness through 200 Islamic radio and television institutions around the world to revive and establish a culture of awareness of the Palestinian Arab-Islamic issue and to work to confront the Zionist threat.

Sameera Hassn