YEMEN Press Agency

Zionist Foreign Ministry: Full normalization with Sudan will be soon

SANAA, Aug. 19 (YPA) – Zionist Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lior Hayat has on Wednesday announced that “a full and expected normalization with Sudan will be held very soon”.

He described the move as “strengthening the path of stability in the region.”

This came in an interview with the UAE news site Al Ain, on the one-year anniversary of the normalization between the UAE and the occupation entity in the White House.

“Embassies in Bahrain and Morocco will soon open their doors in occupied Palestine,” Hayat said, noting that countries (he did not name) are on their way to peace with them, and that “relations with the UAE have exceeded expectations.”

He also described normalization with the UAE and Bahrain as “historic and still has changed the entire Middle East,” claiming that his country hopes to bring the Palestinians back to peace to achieve “the Israelis’ hope of ending the conflict.”