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Hadi govt official loots 1.8 billion riyals

ADEN, Aug. 18 (YPA) – Al-Ayyam newspaper based in Aden revealed a massive corruption estimated at 1,800, 000, 000 Yemeni riyals under the name of “personal expenses”.

The newspaper confirmed that the so-called “attorney general” in the “Hadi government” named Ahmed Al-Musai withdrew nearly two billion riyals from the central bank as personal expenses.

Moreover, the newspaper said it had obtained documents indicating that the al-Musai had withdrawn 561 million Yemeni riyals in August.

The paper reported that previous reports showed the withdrawal of approximately 1.3 billion riyals from February to July 2021, bringing the total withdrawal of al-Musai during the past seven months more than 1,800, 000, 000 million riyals under personal expenses.

The newspaper pointed out that the withdrawal of the amounts of money that are not included in the salaries of “prosecutors”, and is not entitled to exchange as required by the judiciary of the “Hadi government”,

It noted that the judicial authorities of “Hadi government” did not raise any budgets or clarifications of its expenses during 2017-2021.