YEMEN Press Agency

Yemeni riyal records unprecedented decline against dollar in Aden

ADEN, Jul. 11 (YPA) – The price of one dollar reached on Sunday nearly a thousand Yemeni riyals in the southern provinces, which is the first time in the history of Yemen.

“The dollar is sold in the areas under the control of the Saudi-led coalition at about 1,000 riyals, while the price of the Saudi riyal is 260 riyals,” banking sources said.

This comes at a time when the stability of the national currency, riyal, has continued in the areas under the control of the Sanaa government, where the dollar is worth about 600 riyals and the Saudi is about 160 Yemeni riyals.

This decline in the national currency rate has led to a wave of discontent among the citizens in the southern provinces due to the sharp rise in prices.

This comes after the “Hadi government” distributed in the southern provinces during the past days a large amount of illegal currency printed in Russia, estimated at more than 60 billion riyals out of the 400 billion riyals, which compounded the suffering of the citizens with the increase in food and basic goods prices in these provinces.