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Southern politician reveals dangerous trend of coalition in southern provinces

SANAA, Jul. 01 (YPA) – A Yemeni southern politician and academician has accused the Saudi-led coalition countries of tearing up the Yemeni southern provinces into two “states” whose borders are Shoqra and Sheikh Salem area in Abyan province.

The politician and academician at the University of Aden, Abdulrahman Al-Wali, explained Wednesday in a tweet on his account on Twitter that the coalition has been trying, since entering Aden, to tear the south apart under the name of reconciliation.

Al-Wali explained that there are local tendencies to form a unified “national southern front,” noting that some components are seeking to find a “southern” dialogue, but under the coalition’s tutelage.

He pointed out that any components established by money will vanish in end, like “Afash” was working, referring to the former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh.