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Army cuts off coalition’s supply lines north of Marib city

MARIB, May 03 (YPA) – The Yemeni army forces managed to impose a suffocating siege on the Saudi-led coalition forces by cutting off supply lines in north of the city of Marib.

According to sources in the province, the army forces were be able to control and secure all desert areas separating the north of the city of Marib and east of Jawf province.

The sources affirmed that coalition forces were used those the areas as the guerrilla war, after the fall of Jawf province to the army forces’ hands.

Additionally, the army forces launched a large offensive operation against the coalition forces targeting the last sites in Al-Jadafar desert, which is administratively affiliated to Khab Washaf district, east of Jawf.

The sources confirmed that the dozens of coalition forces were killed and wounded, including commanders, in the confrontations with the army forces in Al-Jadafar desert.

The sources identified the commanders killed as Saeed bin Saleh Mohammed bin Talib” and Saleh bin Hassan, Saleh Bin Ali Qureih, Naji Mohammed Saif Muthanna, and Abdul Rahman Al-Radhi, in additional to Marawan Mohammed Battah” and “Usama Mohammed Al-Ruba Al-Ahjar.

In those battles, other leaders of the coalition forces were wounded as Nasser bin Talib Al-Arada, Fahid Ali Maali, Salem Naji Ali Mahboub, Nasser Mohammed Ali Al-Ashram, Abdullah Rabish Al-Tam, and Sadiq Mohammed Jaber.