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Human Rights Office: Coalition killed, injured over 4,000 people in Taiz within 6 years

TAIZ, March 26 (YPA) – The Human Rights Office in Taiz province said on Friday that the total number of civilians killed and injured in the province due to the Saudi-led coalition crimes over six years amounted to 4,630 citizens.

The Human Rights Office stated, in a statement, that the number of martyrs reached 2,164, including 478 children and 352 women, while the number of wounded reached 2,466, including 454 children, 257 women.

The statement indicated that the coalition, over the past six years, destroyed one airport, two ports, 524 bridges and roads, 59 water reservoirs and networks, 35 power stations and generators, and 69 telecommunications networks in the province.

During the same period, the coalition destroyed 242 government facilities in the province, in addition to 456 food stores, 97 markets, 2,183 commercial establishments, 81 food trucks, 42 fuel trucks, 788 means of transportation, and 52 fuel stations.

The statement stated that the aggression coalition also destroyed 21 archaeological sites, 35 tourist facilities, 56 factories, 15 sports facilities, ten cemeteries, 206 agricultural fields, 47 poultry farms, and 63 fishing boats.

Concerning the service establishments and social sectors, the statement pointed out that the coalition, and caused the displacement of more than 342,854 citizens, and destroyed 124,660 homes, 102 mosques, 159 schools and educational centers, ten university facilities, 45 hospitals and health facilities, and six media institutions.