YEMEN Press Agency

School-teacher slaughters one of her students in Lahj

LAHJ, Oct. 26 (YPA) – A volunteer teacher attempted on Monday to slaughter one of her students in the first class of primary school in Lahj province, controlled by the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militias, southern Yemen.

According to an educational source in the province, one of the volunteer female teachers had stabbed a student, aged six years, several times in his neck, in one of primary schools of Toban district.

The entry of another teacher to the classroom was a reason to save the child victim from hands of the female teacher, who was trying to slaughter him on the ground with a knife around his neck, the source explained.

He added that the student victim was transferred to a hospital in the city, without knowing the reasons for the crime.

The female teacher’s family prevented the school administration and citizens from handing her over to the competent authorities in the district.