YEMEN Press Agency

Ministry of Human Rights condemns UN silence towards coalition crimes in Yemen

SANAA, Aug. 7 (YPA) – The Ministry of Human Rights strongly condemned on Friday the shameful silence by the international community and the United Nations towards the crimes committed by the Saudi-led aggression coalition against the Yemen people.

The ministry affirmed in a statement that continuing the aggression coalition to commit crimes under silence the international community, is a further evidence to disregard the international laws for the lives of children, women in Yemen.

The statement indicated to the crime committed by the aggression air force, which killed and 20 citizens and wounded seven others in in a al-Atarah area of Khub Washaf district of Jawf Governorate, is a war crime and a flagrant violation of the humanitarian law.

The ministry added that the positions of the United Nations and its bodies expressed disappointment in their seriousness in applying international law and the attempt to transform these bodies into a political cover for the interests of major countries.

It held the United Nations and the international community full responsible for the crimes committed by the aggression states against the Yemeni civilians for more than five years.