YEMEN Press Agency

Ship loaded with +24,000 tons of gasoline arrives at Hodeidah port

HODEIDAH, April 7 (YPA) – A vessel carrying 24,854 tons of gasoline arrived on Tuesday at the port of Hodeidah, after it was held at sea by Saudi-led aggression coalition for 146 days.

The company said in a statement that the aggression coalition is still holding 12 ships loaded with quantities of 89,696 tons of gasoline, and 214,193 tons of diesel, the duration of detention for the first time is more than 33 days.

The statement pointed out that the coalition forces intentionally delay the ships of oil derivatives and food, medicine and domestic gas ships and prevent them from entering the port of Hodeidah despite obtaining United Nations permits in order to increase the suffering of citizens.

The statement pointed out that it will be arranged for the ship to enter to connect to the appropriate berth, according to priority and need in case it matches the specifications, and take the necessary measures to cover the full needs of citizens and various sectors and maintain the supply stability in the local market.