YEMEN Press Agency

Southern leader calls for standing with Sanaa gov’t against coalition

SANAA, Dec. 15 (YPA) – A leading member in the Southern Movement on Sunday called for standing with Sanaa government, represented by Ansarullah Movement (Houthis), in the face of other parties, the Arab coalition in particular.

“It became clear that the Arab coalition is the enemy of Yemeni people, not al-Houthi,” Ali Hussein al-Bujairi said.

Al-Bujairi explained that it has become clear who the real enemies of the Yemeni people are, calling on Yemenis to ally around al-Houthi to confront their real enemies.

He continued: “despite our disagreement with him (al-Houthi), but he has become the protector of the homeland and the unity after the intentions of the evils became clear.”

“Negotiate directly with al-Houthi and direct your weapons to your enemies,” he added.