YEMEN Press Agency

Al-Houthi appreciates war prisoners steadfastness in coalition prisons

SANAA, Dec. 12 (YPA) – The Supreme Political Council member Mohammad Ali Al-Houthi hailed the large steadfastness and stability made by the Yemeni army’s prisoners in the prisons and detention of the Saudi-led aggression coalition.

The move came during a ceremony honoring for a number of the prisoners of the prisoners of the sixth military region who were released by the coalition.

Al-Houthi addressed the aggression forces, “You have seen the steadfastness of our prisoners, and you will find the same thing further in the rest of their colleagues detained in your prisons.”

He added affirmed when the fighters see the prisoners tortured by the a aggression proves they are on the right path in defending the homeland and its sovereignty.

Al-Houthi warned the coalition countries of continuing in the aggression and the siege imposed on the Yemeni people.