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Parliament, Shura Council Presidiums hold first joint meeting

SANAA, Dec. 8 (YPA) – Presidiums of the Parliament and the Shura Council held on Sunday in Sanaa a joint meeting co-chaired by speakers of the two houses.

At the meeting, the Parliament Speaker Yahya al-Ra’i stressed the importance of enhancing cooperation and coordination between the two houses within the framework of the constitution, the laws in force and regulations governing their work.

Al-Ra’i hailed the legendary steadfastness of members of both houses in opposing the coalition of aggression against the Yemeni people.

He noted that the current stage requires concerted efforts to confront the repercussions of the aggression and support the army and popular committees on the frontlines.

For his part, the Shura Speaker Mohammed al-Aidarous said that this meeting constitutes a strong impetus in the framework of strengthening the relationship and cooperation between the two houses, especially in this exceptional stage, which needs more concerted efforts and mobilization of capabilities.

Al-Aidarous indicated to the necessity of continuing the meetings in such situations that Yemen is going through in light of the aggression and the unfair siege.

During the joint meeting, the attendees presented opinions, observations and proposals within the framework of the articles, provisions and clauses of the constitution, the laws in force and the regulations of joint meetings of the two houses.