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Mahrah residents continue their peaceful struggle against Saudi forces in the province

MAHRAH, Nov. 29 (YPA) – Salem Balhaf, chairman of the media committee for the sit-in protests in Mahrah province, has confirmed that Saudi Arabia is seeking to control Yemen’s border ports with Oman.

During his televised remarks, Balhaf said that the Saudi ambitions in Mahrah province are not new, pointing out that for more than two years, Riyadh had been implementing its colonial projects in the province

Balhaf remarked that the Saudis began with taking over the airport and extending its military barracks towards the coasts after the governor volunteered to serve its agenda and its projects.

As for the outlets, they started to multiply by bringing in Saudi militias and soldiers through the Sarfit and Shehen border crossings.

Balhaf said that Saudi Arabia is using the reconstruction project as a cover to implement its ambitions at Yemen’s border ports with Oman.

At the same time, he stressed that the Shehen port was working efficiently at the beginning of 2015, before the start of the Saudi-led invasion, and as such has not benefited from the occupation, contrary to what some may claim.

He pointed out that Shehen was an outlet from which students, patients and travelers cross without restrictions and high security control sought by the legitimate security services.

Balhaf explained that the humanitarian and economic role of the outlet did not appeal to Saudi Arabia, as it began to send its forces and militias and work some facilities under the cover of the so-called Reconstruction Fund, in order to complete the plans of the coalition’s control over the country’s ports and the blockade on Yemen from all sides.

The protest leader reiterated that the sons of Mahrah reject any foreign forces or militias operating outside the law.

“Yemenis in all provinces have the ability to protect their outlets and their means, and the coalition has only brought them destruction ever since it entered five years ago,” he said