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Saudi Arabia admits 6 of its troops killed in border fronts

SANAA, April 19 (YPA) – Saudi media on Wednesday admitted that six Saudi officers and soldiers were killed in clashes with the Yemeni army in border fronts.

The soldiers and officers killed on the southern border of the kingdom during confrontations with the Yemeni army, the Saudi media said.

The Saudi Arabian confession comes amid a continuing escalation of the deaths of the Saudi soldiers, following the expansion of fighting in the border fronts and the painful strikes being received by the Saudi Army.

Yemen Press Agency (YPA) obtained a list of the killed Saudi soldiers and officers as the following:

1- Sergeant / Gibran bin Ali al – Azi al – Maliki

2- Staff Sergeant / Fayez Abdulrahman Al Shehri

3- Sergeant / Majid bin Mubarak AlDoura Atef al-Qahtani

4- Soldier / Mohammed bin Jubran Yahya al-Maliki

5- Soldier / Faisal bin Musa Mohammed al-Qaisi

6- Soldier / Jaber bin Yahya Jaber al-Qaisi.