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Report: 8 civilians killed in 72+ Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen over 24 hours

SANAA, April 17 (YPA) – Eight Yemeni civilians were killed and six civilians, including women and a child, were  injured when the Saudi-led coalition launched over 72 airstrikes and ground attacks on several areas of Yemen’s province over the past 24 hours, medics and military reports combined by Yemen Press Agency.

  • In Sanaa province:

Two women were killed and five others and a child were injured in an airstrike on a farm in Saafan district.

12 airstrikes targeted the communications networks in Masar district of Manakha district.

Airstrikes hit fort of Masar mount, there is report about causalities, damaging residents’ homes .

  • In Hodeidah province:

Six member of a family were killed in an airstrike targeted their home in Haed area of Hais district.

  • In Saada province:

A civilian was injured by the fire of Saudi border guards in Munabeh border district.

Artillery and missile shelling targeted several areas of Razeh district, damaging residents’ properties.

Several areas of Baqem district and Ghor area of Ghamr district were shelled by missiles.

Meanwhile, five airstrikes hit Alaf area of Sehar district and Samma mount western Saada city.

Four airstrikes were waged on Central Security Camp.

An airstrike on a roads crusher vehicle in Azqul area of Sehar district.

Two airstrikes on Qahzah area northern Saada city.

Eight airstrikes hit several areas of Baqem district.

12 airstrikes were waged on Farea and Saweh areas as well as on Aal-abu-Jubarah valley in Kutaf district.

  • In Lahj province:

Four airstrikes were launched on Sharijah and Hamalah areas of Karsh district.

  • In Hajjah province:

11 airstrikes hit Hradh and Medi districts.

  • In Nehm districr, some 50 km northern the capital Sanaa:

An airstrike was waged on Ramadah village of Nehm district.

  • In Saudi border province of Jizan:

Coalition warplanes launched ten strikes on Dood mountain.


Sameera Hassn