YEMEN Press Agency

Islah Party’s soldiers assault journalist “al-Qaedi” brutally in Marib

MARIB, July 8 (YPA) – Security soldiers of Islah Party (Muslim Brotherhood) controlling the local authority in Marib province on Monday afternoon assaulted the journalist Rashid al-Qaedi and beat him severely.

“I have received more than twenty blows on my face, which I had struggled to save even from a sarcastic look from someone,” al-Qaedi said. “About seven persons gathered and beat me with rifle butts, kicked me with their legs on his stomach and back, and extremely humiliated me.”

He continued:”And every time I fell to the ground, they would kick me like wild donkeys.”

“The reason is for no reason,” he added, complaining of severe pain in his ears and ribs and a bruise in his right leg.