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Sudan expresses concern of Yemeni ballistic missile after rape crime

SANAA, April.4 (YPA) – A member of Sudan’s parliament, Hassan Osman Rizk, called on the Sudan government to withdraw its troops from Yemen, which is fighting under the leadership of Saudi-led coalition and the United Arab Emirates (UEA) occupation forces in Yemen.

“Sudanese soldiers are not obliged to protect any legitimacy outside his country”, Hassan Osman Rizk said.

Rizk was wondered by President al-Bashir’s speech to the National Assembly on Wednesday about the country’s ability to intercept any ballistic missiles fired by the Yemeni army to Sudan.

This is the first Sudanese reaction after a Sudanese recruiter raped a Yemeni girl in Yemen’s Red Sea Port of Hodeidah last Thursday.

The Yemeni people are outraged by the abhorrent crime that was sponsored by Emiratie officers on the West Coast.