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U.S.-Saudi Aggression

Civilian Killed, 3 Wounded In Projectile Blast In Hajjah

HAJJAH, July 17 (YPA) - A civilian was killed on Tuesday and three others injured in a blast of missile projectile of coalition weapons remnant in Hajjah province, an official told Yemen Press Agency. The projectile blasted in al-Farsh…

12 Militiamen Of Coalition Killed In Western Coast

WESTERN COAST, July 17 (YPA) - 12 militiamen of coalition's troops were killed on Monday, when the army's engineering unit targeted their military vehicles in the western coast front, a military source said. Moon

Saudi-Led Airstrike Hits Hodeidah

HODEIDAH, July 17 (YPA) - The coalition's warplanes waged on Tuesday a Saudi-led airstrike on Hodeidah province, an official said. The raid attacked al-Jabanah area of al-Hali district. Moon

Army Destroys Military Vehicle Of Coalition In Jawf

JAWF, July 16 (YPA) - The army's engineering unit destroyed on Monday a military vehicle of coalition's troops in Jawf province, a military source said. The engineering unit destroyed the vehicle and detonated landmines in coalition's…

Army Launches Offensive Against Saudi Army’s Militia In Najran

NAJRAN, July (YPA) - The army launched on Monday an offensive against Saudi army's militiamen in Najran region, a military source said. The offensive targeted a site of the militia in al-Shurfah site, inflicting the enemy killed and wounded…

Old Woman Injured In Saudi Bombing On Saada

SAADA, July 16 (YPA) - An old woman was injured on Monday in Saudi army's bombing on Saada province, an official said. The bombardment targeted popular areas in border Shada and Monabih districts. Moon

Two coalition collaborators arrested in Amran, Ibb

AMRAN, July 16 (YPA) – Yemeni security forces on Monday arrested two coalition-collaborators in two provinces of Amran and Ibb, an official told Yemen Press Agency. The arrested were caught in two districts of al-Qafra in Ibb and Houth in…

US-Saudi Warplanes Wage 6 Airstrikes On Saada

SAADA, July 16 (YPA) - The US-Saudi warplanes launched on Monday six airstrikes on Saada province, an official said. The raids attacked Adhiaq, Malilu, and Atis areas in Kutaf district. Moon