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Mohammed al-Houthi replies to statements made by Jeremy Hunt and Mike Pompeo

SANAA, March 28 (YPA) – Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, a member of the Supreme Political Council on Wednesday has replied to both British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with compelling facts refuting their allegations and propaganda.

“You as an alliance of aggression and your mercenaries, are the one who is obstructing peace and the work of the Coordinating Committee in Hodeidah and committed violations,” said Mohamed Ali al-Houthi, addressing the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a thread of tweets.

“Violations committed by the coalition and its mercenaries have reached 12,000 breaches since the beginning of the fragile truce until this breach, which general Michael Lollesgaard has responded to with this letter. We have multiple documents on the obstruction of peace by your allies,” he added.

Mohammed al-Houthi has attached to his tweet a message from the Chairman of the Coordination and redeployment Committee in Hodeidah, Michael Lollesgaard, who said: “This message and many more, Mr. Pompeo, confirm that there is no justification for repeating the battle of Hodeidah or continuing aggression against the Republic of Yemen.”

“We strongly condemn your deceitful statements, which aim to cover up your crimes, and your siege as an international coalition representing by the US, Britain, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates UAE and other terrorist countries,” Mohamed al-Houthi added.

In an article, he commented on the British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt by refuting his propaganda and false allegations.

“Jeremy Hunt has started an article with this phrase: there is nothing left in Yemen that is spared the war,” al-Houthi said, but with its sincerity, it violates the title of his article and contradicts it. “It is the existence of the weapons, the machine of destruction and murder, which has left nothing in Yemen untouched by destruction, death and sustained instability.”

He continued:” He made the children be killed in cold blood with guided missiles. He made the criminal fortified with Tornado aircrafts, along with US warplanes, practice his daily criminality. ”

Al-Houthi added: “Their weapons have destroyed civilian objects, vital facilities and infrastructure of Yemen, destroyed power stations, water and roads,  schools and killed students by direct targeting, double bombing and knockouts, as  officers boast in the command of operating rooms.”

According to international organizations, one child in Yemen dies every 10 minutes. “The plight of Yemen is not the result of a natural disaster but a tragic man-made conflict,” al-Houthi said.

“But you ignore to name the one who has caused this ordeal and who participates in the aggression of US and UK administrations and their armies, in addition to allied countries and their armies,” he said.

He held the coalition responsible for the repercussions of the blockade, saying: “The Marine Corps of the joint forces of the US-British-Saudi-Emirati aggression and its allies in Yemen is also responsible for the blockade and the tragic humanitarian situation that has reached famine.”

“As I said, there are about 24 million Yemenis need emergency aid of food and medicine,” al-Houthi said in his article, referring to the population of Yemenis in areas outside the control of the joint forces in Yemen.

Al-Houthi confirmed that the continued US-Saudi-British aggression for its fourth year in the “latest stage of the terrible conflict, which is a natural result of you trying to preserve your interests by operating weapons factories.”

“As you know, the US-backed Saudi-led coalition and its allies, of which you are a major part, commit war crimes and do not adhere to the most stringent arms export guidelines in the world,” he said.

“Your speech on principles is nothing but a sale of political rhetoric to try and evade British society from legal and moral responsibility for war crimes and humanitarian situations.”

“You and your government have not yet investigated, and no committee has been formed to verify the air raids or the influence of the British weapon in an aggression that has lasted four years as it enters the fifth, but you went on to involve elements of the British Army in the battles, as reported by the Daily Mail newspaper.”

Mohamed al-Houthi responded to Hunt’s allegation that “the mission of this war did not begin yet with a Saudi-led intervention.”

“Let me assure you that your talk of “historical accuracy is not true and has historical fallacy, it is known that after the victory on September 21, 2014, we had reached  a formula of  the agreement at same night and it was sponsored by the ten countries, the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Arab League and the European Union.”

Al-Houthi continued: The attack began on March 26, 2015, before resolution 2216 of April 14, 2015, in a clear aggression without legal justification or UN mandate to date.”

Mohamed Ali al-Houthi concluded: “the British Foreign Secretary’s article for the American magazine is nothing more than backing the position of Pompeo and his administration, which has the same position,” adding peace does not require the support of arms, but requires the will and decision to stop.”