YEMEN Press Agency

UAE forces threaten to bomb tribes in Shabwa

SHABWA, March 22 (YPA) – UAE forces on Friday threatened some tribes in the southeastern province of Shabwa to bombard them by warplanes.

“The UAE forces in Shabwa threatened tribes in the village of Al-Hajar using airstrikes, if they did not surrender the weapons and vehicles left behind by the militias of the Shabwa elite after the events of January,” the correspondent of Yemen Press Agency in Atiq said.

 The UAE-backed militias in Shabwa, known as the Shabwa elite, have carried out attacks in the past few months on village of Markha district of Shabwa province under the pretext of pursuing al-Qaeda terrorists.

 The UAE media reported the existence of terrorists in the village of Al-Sada in Markha, then the warplanes of UAE launched several raids on the region.