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Emir of al-Qaeda in Taiz makes serious confessions

SANAA, March 17 (YPA) -Yemen’s Ministry of the Interior will broadcast a recorded voice message and photograph of Abu Abdullah al-Masri, the self-declared “Emir of al-Qaeda in Taiz”, after he was arrested by Yemeni forces days ago.

“The Emir of al-Qaeda in Taiz has made serious confessions about the organisation’s relationship with the Saudi-led coalition and the armed militias in the city of Taiz,” the Interior Ministry’s Security Information Center said.

Security services in Taiz province arrested the so-called Emir together with one of the leaders of the invading coalition’s armed militias days ago in a qualitative security operation in the north-west of Taiz province.

Abu Abdullah al-Masri is known for his leadership in the city of Taiz since the beginning of the aggression, and is in direct coordination with the Saudi-UAE coalition leaders

. He oversaw several al-Qaeda terrorist operations, including executions, floggings, assassinations and armed robberies against banks and shops.

On Friday, the Yemeni Security Media Center broadcasted a video confession of four al-Qaeda members arrested by security services in Al-Bayda province on March 13.