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UN experts: Marib Bank is out of government control


SANAA, Feb. 24 (YPA) – A recent UN report on Yemen revealed that Mohammed Zemmam, governor of the central bank in occupied Aden, told a UN panel of experts monitoring UN sanctions against Yemen that the bank’s branch in Marib was continuing to operate outside government control.

The report of the group of experts confirmed that Sultan al-Arada, governor of exiled Hadi in Marib, told the UN expert team that the bank’s branch in Marib is administratively linked to the Aden branch, but the conditions and guarantees of the central bank’s work as a national bank for Yemen have not yet been realized.

Sultan Al-Arada said that it follows the framework of the budget guidance for 2014, and provides many public services, in addition to salaries and rations for the security forces of the Ministry of the Interior, as experts said.

Sultan al-Arada, earlier through media statements, called on the Central Bank of Aden to send the share of his province of the printed currency in Russia, because the revenues of Marib barely enough to cover the expenses of the province.

The branch of the Central Bank of Marib Governorate is still not linked to the Swift, and does not share data with the Central Bank at its headquarters in Aden.

The local authority in Marib province refuses to supply its resources to the state.

The Brotherhood, which brings together Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmer and the Brotherhood, controls 11,000 barrels of oil per day, repeated at Marib refinery and sold in the local market through the local authority of the group, represented by Sheikh Sultan al-Arada, the governor of the province.

According to the data, the Brotherhood controls the production resources of 2.150 tons of gas per day, and the value of 85 thousand riyals per ton, to exceed the annual revenue of the domestic gas resource 65 billion and 790 million riyals, in addition to revenues of Tax, customs, Zakat and service charges.