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Member of national delegation negotiator: We are ready to discuss concerns of coalition on the issue of opening Sanaa airport

SANAA, Dec. 8 (YPA) A member of the national delegation negotiator Salim al-Mughalis said that he is ready to discuss the concerns of the coalition countries about the initiative presented by the national delegation regarding the opening of Sanaa airport to all international, regional and local flights without exception, and work to address them.
Al-Mughalis stressed in statements to Al-Mayadin channel on Saturday that there is no objection to the airport being subjected to international standards and reassuring arrangements for all under the current national administration. However, the Riyadh delegation rejected this categorically.
Al-Mughalis pointed out that Sana’a airport receives daily large and small international aircraft is ready to receive all international and regional flights in terms of administrative, technical and security.
He noted that the delegation had agreed to the request of the United Nations to send international technical experts to assess the readiness of the airport and were prepared to receive it at any time.
He also stressed that the Riyadh delegation’s conditions are merely a deception to public opinion because they refuse to open the airport permanently, especially that the decision to close the airport is a political decision and not for technical and professional reasons.
On the issue of prisoners, Al-Mughalis said: “We are keen to release all the prisoners and detainees, Yemeni oppressed, who are in the prisons of the occupation of their various political affiliations and deal with us from the names after we make sure that they are in the prisons of the occupation.”



Sameera Hassn