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Malaysian parliament reveals his country’s involvement in aggression on Yemen

SANAA, Dec. 4 (YPA) – Malaysian parliamentarian Zhang Li Kang revealed that his country’s forces are involved in the aggression against Yemen, along with the Saudi-led coalition countries, and called for investigations into this.


The website of Malaysian newspaper, the Star,  in a report on Monday pointed out that Li Kang said he received information from Assistant Secretary of Defense Liu Qin Tong in parliament was shocking, as it was not approved by the parliament to send troops to Yemen.

Li Kang stressed that on June 11, 2015, about 27 officers and 62 Malaysian soldiers were deployed in Riyadh, on a rotating basis every three months.

He added that the forces were involved in aviation logistics and bringing spare parts, bullets and bombs to the countries of the coalition, pointing out that the participation of Malaysian forces in the affairs of foreign countries without the UN mandate and knowledge of Malaysians is a serious issue.

This clearly contradicts Malaysia’s foreign policy, which is to maintain neutrality and refrain from interfering in foreign disputes, he said.

Li Kang called on his government to conduct a detailed investigation into military operations during its participation in the war on Yemen and to crack down on those involved.


Sameera Hassn