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Official in Hadi government detained by UAE militia in Shabwa

SHABWA, Nov. 21 (YPA) – The Emirates occupation militia detained an official in the government of exiled president Hadi at a military point in the province of Shabwa.

According to media sources, the so-called Shabwa elite funded by the UAE occupation, on Tuesday detained the Deputy Minister of Oil of Hadi, Saeed al-Shamasi, at the military point of Habban, during his visit to the natural gas project in Balhaf.

The source explained that the detention of al-Shamasi comes under the pretext of riding an armored vehicle accompanied by a military pick-up, and was released after contacts with a number of officials in Hadi’s government.

The Emirates militia in Habban prevented the Minister of Transport in the Government of Hadi to visit the port of Qena in February, and prevented Hadi’s governor of Jawf from entering the city of Ataq, the capital of Shabwa in mid-August.


Sameera Hassn