YEMEN Press Agency

Ibb’s citizens organize rally to support fighters in fronts in face of the Saudi-led coalition

IBB, Oct. 30 (YPA) – The citizens of Azarib village in Ibb province on Tuesday organized a rally to support the fighters of the army, supported by the popular forces, in all fronts and to condemn the crimes committed in daily basis by the US-backed Saudi-led coalition against the Yemeni People.

The participants to the rally rose up slogans and carried banners condemning the coalition’s crimes and its scheme, affirming that the Yemeni People will foiled them all and achieving its victory.

They sent a food and financial convoy to support the fighters in battlefronts praising all the achievement of the missile force of the army which plays important role in deterring the coalition aggression, the last of which was Badr 1-P missile revealed on Monday.