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Turkey knows where and how Khashoggi was killed: Middle East Eye

SANAA, Oct. 11 (YPA) – The British Middle East Eye published on Wednesday new details regarding the case of  Saudi a journalist Jamal khashoggi, who disappeared last week after he visited his  country’s  consulate in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

“The killing of khashoggi” was at the Consulate’s headquarters, the site quoted in a report of official Turkish sources as saying.

The official added that: “we know when Jamal was killed and in any room killed and where the body was taken to tear it apart,”

According to David Haberst’s report, the sources said that it was unusual for the Saudi consular to ask his staff not to return to work after they left for the lunch break, and he informed them that the consul would be in an emergency meeting all day.

The sources said that one person had met khashoggi and asked him to go to the Consul’s room, before two agents came and dragged him into a room and killed him and then they took his body to chop him in another room, “without mentioning how the murder was.