YEMEN Press Agency

Hadi’s government refuses extending UN experts’ works to investigate human rights violations

ADEN, Sept. 27 (YPA) – The government of exiled president Hadi on Thursday rejected the extension of UN experts to investigate human rights violations in Yemen.

Hadi’s government accused the Human Rights Council’s investigation team and the High Commissioner for Human Rights of Impartiality in monitoring violations.

The international team of experts, who are in charge of the investigation, issued a report on 18 August that considered that the coalition committed serious violations of human rights in Yemen up to the extent of war crimes, and considered that coalition’s military or siege measures were not compatible with legal rules, which angered the coalition, who has been insulting and criticizing the report.

The announcement of the Hadi government’s refusal to extend the term of the committee of experts, from the point of view of some observers, is an attempt to obscure the crimes committed by the coalition against human rights in Yemen.