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Social Affairs condemns coalition’s crime against Duraihimi displaced people

SANAA, Aug. 24 (YPA) – The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor condemned the crime committed by the US-backed Saudi-led coalition which targeted the displaced people in Duraihimi district of Hodeidah province, which killed 31, mostly children.
The ministry said in a statement that this heinous crime against the displaced comes within the framework of a series of crimes against humanity and genocide against the Yemeni people who became victims of the coalition’s crime and the silence of the international community and human rights organizations.
The Ministry called on the world not to remain onlookers against the daily massacres committed by the forces of aggression in Yemen, calling for the speedy formation of an international investigation committee to monitor and investigate the crimes of aggression and to bring the criminals to the international tribunal to receive their fair punishment
The Ministry renewed its appeal to the international community, human rights organizations, international organizations concerned with children and all the honorable and free people of the world to shoulder their moral and humanitarian responsibility in supporting the Yemeni people and condemning the crimes of coalition.
The Ministry also called for pressure on the United Nations, specifically the UN Security Council, to carry out their legal and moral duty to protect civilians, displaced persons and civilian facilities, and to stop the war and all forms of aggression against Yemen.
The Ministry of Social Affairs confirmed that this crime and other crimes will not be subject to statute of limitations and all those responsible will be held accountable before international courts.