YEMEN Press Agency

Three citizens killed in coalition drones air strike on Hajjah

HAJJAH, July 3 (YPA) – Three citizens were killed and two others wounded in an air strike of the US-backed Saudi-led coalition drones on Hajjah province, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

The strike hit farms of the citizens in Hairan district, slaying three civilians and injuring others two.

Last April 22, the coalition warplanes targeted a wedding party in Bani Qais area of Hajj province, killing 35 civilians and injuring 55 others, including 30 children.

The four-year-old coalition war on Yemen has killed over 20,000 Yemenis, mostly women and children, displaced more than 5 million, according to the United Nations.

The official called on international rights organizations and to reveal the Saudi-led coalition’s war crimes  and violations against the Yemeni citizens to the international community.

Ali Ahsan