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Islah party leaders admit coalition’s defeat in West Coast battle 

SANAA, Nov. 28 (YPA) – Senior leaders of the Yemeni Islah Party loyal to Saudi-led coalition have admitted the defeat of the coalition forces in the battle of the West Coast after losing large areas in the south of Hodeida province.

“With instructions from the Saudi-Emirati coalition, Al-Amaliqa brigades withdrew from the places where they advanced during the past days in Jabal Ras, Shamir and others areas,” Adel Al-Hasani, a journalist of the so-called “Southern Resistance,” said in a tweet Saturday.

In his tweet, Al-Hasani wondered, “What is happening on the West Coast!!!”

In turn, member of the Islah Party – member of the House of Representatives in the “Hadi government, Muhammad Waraq, revealed in a series of posts on his Facebook page that the armed factions loyal to the UAE lost more than 150 square kilometers during the battles of the past days.

Waraq said, “After we poured a sea of ​​blood, we went back… We went back to Al-Khokha. We don’t know why they ordered us to advance four years ago? And why did they order us today to withdraw?!”

“The broken Tihama brigades forces returned disappointed after the vile conspiracy as a result of the disastrous betrayal, with which they lost more than 150 kilometers that they had controlled with a sea of ​​blood,” he added.

Waraq confirmed that the factions affiliated with the UAE forces returned to the first square towards the city of Al-Khoukha, leaving many dead and wounded behind, including prominent military leaders.