YEMEN Press Agency

Fuel prices in occupied Aden province rise

SANAA, Nov. 26 (YPA) – Fuel prices have jumped again in the occupied Aden province of Yemen, following the continued deterioration of the value of local currency and the continued corruption by US-Saudi mercenaries.

Fuel prices rose by 22.5 percent, amidst a lack of oil derivatives, the company said, according to Reuters.

The agency said that after the new decision on Monday, the price of gasoline rose from 17,800 riyals to 21,800 riyals for 20 liters.

This is the second time the puppet government raised the price in less than a month, according to Reuters.

The authorities are trying to justify this rise by mentioning the global rise in oil prices, and purchase costs from traders and suppliers.

The rise in fuel prices in Aden and the occupied governorates has further exacerbated the growing living condition crisis of citizens there.

Due to the deterioration of the currency and the corruption of pro-aggression authorities, causing the dollar exchange rate reaching 1,600 riyals, causing a significant and unprecedented rise in commodity and food prices.