YEMEN Press Agency

“Bin Daghr” exposes coalition countries’ game rules in dividing Yemen

RIYADH, Nov. 25 (YPA) – Head of the so-called “Shura Council” in Hadi’s government, Ahmed Obaid bin Daghr, has accused the Saudi-led coalition countries of dividing and destroying Yemen under various allegations.

On Wednesday, Bin Daghr sent a fiery message to the coalition countries in a post on “Facebook” by saying: “Today, the rules of the game in the region are changing. Yesterday’s opponents are no longer adversaries, and relations between the countries of the region are gaining new dimensions, and everyone is courting everyone,” referring to the rapprochement in relations between each of the UAE and Saudi Arabia with Iran.

Bin Daghr added: “In legitimacy (Hadi’s government), we cannot remain a mere echo of these transformations.”

He pointed out that the attack on the so-called “legitimacy” by some coalition countries and their destruction by claiming the dominance of the Islah party over it “is no longer acceptable in the approach to the division of Yemen, in any way.”