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5 people shot dead in South Carolina, USA

SANAA, April 8 (YPA) – The US police announced that five people, including two children, were killed and a sixth person injured as a result of shooting in South Carolina, noting that the police found a suspect a few hours after the accident.
The York County Police Office said the suspect was found hiding in a nearby house, His identity was not revealed.
The coroner’s office stated that Dr. Robert Leslie (70 years) and his wife Barbara Leslie (69 years) were killed  at the scene, along with their two grandsons Ada Leslie (9 years) and Noah Leslie (5 years).
The authorities said that the fifth victim, James Lewis (38 years), was found dead outside the house, noting that he was working at the house when he was shot.
A spokesman for the mayor’s office of York, Trent Faris, indicated that a sixth person was taken to hospital with serious injuries.