YEMEN Press Agency

State of emergency declared in Marib

MARIB, Nov. 24 (YPA) – Hadi’s forces on Tuesday declared a state of emergency in Marib city as Sanaa forces advanced on more than one axis at the entrances to the city.

Hadi’s defense minister has ordered the military police to prevent the movement of military personnel and confiscate all military pickup vehicles crews, including those of a military and security command.

In the context, activists posted pictures of an unprecedented military deployment of Hadi’s forces in the streets and neighborhoods of Marib. The photographs also included armed men wearing military uniforms on rooftops and buildings under construction.

It is not clear what is going on and whether there is a coup d’etat inside the city, which seen a conflict between the leader of the pro-UAE conference wing, Sagher Bin Aziz, and the al-Islah factions.

The conflict has recently evolved to arrest military leaders amid accusations of Bin Aziz to coordinate airstrikes and stop the dues of the Islah factions. But the moves have caused panic among the public and forced many to stay in their homes, according to local sources.