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British Prime Minister to ask his citizens to return to work from home

SANAA, Sept. 22 (YPA) – Prime Minister Boris Johnson will encourage Britons on Tuesday to return to work from home if possible, to help contain the coronavirus outbreak, British media reported late Monday.

“Johnson has informed MPs that action now means that radical action is not necessary at a later date,” the Telegraph’s chief political correspondent said in a tweet, citing sources.

“Johnson will tell the British people  tomorrow that they have to work from home if they can,” he said.

On Monday, The Italian authorities raised the threat level of the new Coronavirus COVID-19 ) from the third to fourth degree after a significant increase in the number of infections and deaths.

“The relevant authorities will issue further measures and guidelines in order to prevent the widespread of the virus,” according to the authorities.

The British authorities aim to avoid what happened during the first peak period between March and May 2.”

Britain on Monday reported 4,368 new cases of COVID-19, compared to 3,899 on Sunday, the government said on its website.