YEMEN Press Agency

Imam of mosque killed in Taiz

TAIZ, May 14 (YPA) – Unidentified gunmen assassinated on Monday Imam and preacher of Al-Saeed mosque Mohammed al-Thobhani in the city of Taiz, southern Yemen, local sources told Yemen Press Agency.

Unknown gunmen shot at Al-Thobhani while he was leaving his house to the mosque for Fajr prayer in Osayfirah neighborhood, north of Taiz city, and he died before reaching a nearby hospital.

The sources revealed that al-Thobhani, who is known for belonging to the Salafi trend, was banned from public speaking in the mosque almost two months ago by Islah Party, which imposed instead of him the parliamentarian and leading member of the party Abdullah al-Odaini, and his role was limited to imamate only.

The assassination of al-Thobhani, Imam of the largest mosque in Taiz, is the second assassination targeting imams of Taiz mosques, after the killing of preacher Al-Essai Mosque, Sheikh Omar Dukam, downtown late March.

Taiz city is witnessing a continuous state of security chaos and a series of assassinations, in light of the conflict between different militias backed by the UAE and Saudi forces and other armed militias, which many do not know their affiliation and their role in the city.