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Political Bureau of Ansarullah expressed solidarity with Lebanon

SANAA, Aug. 6 (YPA) – The Political Bureau of Ansarullah has expressed its solidarity with the Lebanese people, its leadership, and the Resistance on the occasion of the tragedy that hit the port of Beirut.

The Bureau confirmed in a statement on Wednesday, that it “stands with Lebanon in the face of all conspiracies targeting its economy, stability, unity, social peace, and leading resistance.”

The statement condemned all the conspiracies behind the countries of global arrogance, notably the United States of America and Israel, as well the exploitation of the peoples’ pain and calamities to achieve their destructive ambitions and plans.

It expressed its deepest condolences and sympathy to the Lebanese people and the families of the martyrs, and stated that it asked God to grant them mercy and forgiveness, inspire their families to patience, ensure a speedy recovery for the wounded and to give Lebanon the strength to overcome all challenges and difficulties.