YEMEN Press Agency

Agriculture Ministry prepares programs to support resumption of farmers’ activities in Jawf

SANAA, July 13 (YPA) – The Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Taha al-Mutawakil revealed on Sunday about programs that the Ministry had put in place to support the displaced of Jawf province to resume their agricultural activities, stressing that Jawf is one of the most promising governorates in enhancing food security.

“Jawf is one of the most promising governorates in wheat cultivation and enhancing food security, and has been deprived of previous regimes”, he said in a TV permit.

The Ministry of Agriculture has established programs to face the needs of the displaced and resume their agricultural activities in Jawf and there are official agricultural institutions working to put their services in favor of Jawf, and to develop agricultural activity and production there.

“We will work to rehabilitate and support returnees from displacement in Jawf province, and our work will not only distribute seeds, but will also include support for livestock”, he added.