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Sabiha tribes give “Tariq Afash” 24 hours to release kidnapped

LAHJ, July 12 (YPA) – Sabiha tribes of Lahj province, southern Yemen, on Sunday gave the so-called “Tariq Afash forces”, loyal to Saudi-led coalition, 24 hours to release kidnapped tribesmen in one of prisons on the western coast.

The Sabiha tribes threatened, in a meeting held Sunday in Battan area, to cut off the coastal road linking Mocha city to Aden province, after the “Tariq Afash” forces demanded one million riyals in exchange for the release of two members of Al-Ka’lalah tribe, who were kidnapped in the city of Mokha last week.

According to tribal sources, elements of Tariq Afash forces arrested Majed Mujahed Mohammed Qaid and Salem Saleh Busibas from Al-Ka’lalah tribe, because of a binocular found inside the car they were traveling on.

Meanwhile, Sheikh of the Al-Ka’lalah tribe Mahmoud Ali Hassan al-Ka’aloli called for the coalition forces stationed in Ras al-Ara area not to stand in the way of any escalation steps taken by the Sabiha tribes against Tariq Afash forces.

This comes after a number of the abductees’ relatives cut off the coastal road during the past few days to pressure “Tariq Afash” to release the kidnapped.